Boo! Last work party of the 2016 season!

On old hallow's eve thinking about another season gone by and that the garden is going to ground once again. It happens every year but each year it seems more poignant - is that age?! This time of year is gorgeous in the garden because you get to observe the full cycle of the perennials and once again see the form and space in the garden when the abundance of the fall harvest comes to an end... and the golds, browns and exquisite decay starts to take over. Take a moment... don your gumboots and get out in the garden now to observe this time of year's special beauty... rake a few leaves if you feel so inclined...and give thanks for our beauteous Kitsilano garden and all that it provides.

Pruning the orange trumpet vine - hoping for lots of blossoms next year!
The shy compost guys
compost director little B

Felted grape bunch for the hobbits

Dew drop jewels on the nasturtium leaves on Halloween night

Gardening under the Full Moon

It was a wonderful evening in September at one of our last work parties of the 2016 season. The full moon was out and as the evening came to a close as it was getting dark (already!!) it was another opportunity to realize how blessed we are to have this beautiful space to grow organic food and flowers. A few images from the evening - looking good people!

Lovely Energy at our August Workparty!

What a lovely evening in the garden on Wednesday night - such good energy which led to getting a whole bunch of things done in the most pleasant of ways! A few images from the evening...

Kale mono crop - quite the display

Cafe Au Lait dahlia

Spectacular Dahlia

Transplanting bachelor's buttons and irish moss to our infinity patio

Busy little bee in west garden

Hose spray catching the evening sun

Japanese Anemone backlit by evening sun

Compost kings